As one of the visionary corporations of the automotive sector in Turkey, we are making a strong start to 2017 with our innovative brands, customer oriented projects and our professional team. This year again, we aimed our brands to be opened to new consumer areas and give directions to the sectors they are in with our entrepreneurial vision.

We believe that KIA, which makes difference in Turkey just as it does in the world with its perspective in technology and design, will bring a breath of fresh air to automotive industry with its three new models that will be introduced to the Turkish market in 2017.

Departing from the potential in rental industry which was created by the developments in the automotive industry, we combined all of our rental operations under the name of “Garenta” brand at the beginning of 2016. Garenta is among the first 3 companies in the market with the number of its 30,000 total car parks. We work for our customers to ensure that they devote their times to their valuable works. With advantages and additional services we provide, we meet all of the car rental needs of companies. We provide numerous opportunities to our customers such as GarentaPRO for long term rentals and GarentaDAY for short term rentals. We see that SMEs have been experiencing especially long term car rental advantages very closely like all other companies do in the recent period.

For second hand automotive sales, our online second hand automotive sales platform, “ikinciyeni.com” had 20,000 vehicle sales per year with its number of members exceeding 130,000 by 2017. With the trust, transparency and quality of service it provides, ikinciyeni.com will strengthen its claim to be an alternative to new vehicle sales. In 2017, we will renew our website, ikinciyeni.com, completely according to consumer behaviors and opinions and offer different sales channels to our customers.

We, as Çelik Motor family, will continue to enrich our customers’ lives with our innovative investments and our professional team that give momentum to our achievements.

Emre Ayyıldız - General Manager