The new 8AT transmission developed by Korea’s world-renowned brand KIA for front-wheel drive vehicles (FWD 8AT) offers high level of mechanical efficiency and smooth gearshifts. 

The new FWD 8AT, which occupies the same space as a six-speed automatic transmission and weighs 3.5 kg less, stands out as a groundbreaking novelty.

The system benefits from KIA’s engineers’ previous experience in developing 8-speed transmissions. Having previously implemented the system in rear-wheel drive vehicles by mounting the transmission transversally to send the power to the rear axle, KIA’s engineering team has achieved another success with the new eight-speed transmission. The development program for this breakthrough transmission was launched back in 2012 and bases on 143 patents  for new technologies that ensure high performance and efficiency in a compact body.

KIA’s new automatic transmission designed for front-wheel drive vehicles delivers smooth acceleration from standstill. This comes to mean greater fuel efficiency, improved NVH features and more decisive acceleration at high speeds compared to other automatic transmission systems. With the smallest oil pump in its class, the 8AT uses the hydraulic oil efficiently by evenly distributing it in the unit. 

KIA engineers explain that they have added an additional clutch and gear over KIA’s existing 6AT transmission system and increased the ratio between the top gear and the lowest gear by 34% over the 6AT. This enabled greater fuel economy, improved NVH in higher gears, faster acceleration and greater climbing performance in low gears.