According to the 2016 report released by Interbrand, KIA has risen five spots from last year to become the 69th most valuable brand in the world. According to Interbrand’s "100 Best Global Brands" list, KIA’s global brand value increased seven-fold since 2006, growing by 12% from US$5.7 billion to US$6.3 billion in the past year.

This growth owes to KIA’s successful implementation of its “Design-Driven Management System” which the brand adopted in 2006 as a key strategy for the company’s future growth. This record (7-fold corresponding to 603%) increase stands out as a major indicator of the successful outcome of this strategy.

In their statement KIA MOTORS stressed that: “Despite economic uncertainty and stagnation in the automotive market across a number of regions, this welcome rise in KIA’s brand value is a clear reflection of extensive company-wide efforts to ensure consistent and continuous growth in our brand power. This result provides us with further motivation to continue our mission to become the most desirable automotive brand in the eyes of consumers.” 

According to Interbrand’s Global Director of Brand Valuation Mike Rocha, “KIA’s impressive growth in brand value in recent years can be seen as a result of the strengthening connection between the KIA brand and its consumers. The highly desirable designs and features of KIA’s product line-up, and engagement with worldwide communication activities centered on developing the brand’s image, all have contributed to this success.”