The mastermind who has revolutionized the design of KIA cars continues to steer the automotive industry. The chief architect of the design revolution that fundamentally altered the way KIA’s models are perceived around the world, Peter Schreyer now celebrates his 10th anniversary with the company. Having joined KIA Motors as Chief Design Officer in 2006, today Peter Schreyer is the President and the Chief Design Officer of KIA Motors Corporation.

KIA’s global ascent that started in the 2000s took a new turn after Peter Schreyer joined the company. Automobile enthusiasts started to recognize the value and the quality of KIA cars and Peter Schreyer’s new design viewpoint accelerated the brand’s transformation. The design DNA established by Peter Schreyer helped both to increase brand awareness and to develop modern and novel models.

Designs inspired by Korea’s popular culture
In the period Peter Schreyer was transforming the Korean manufacturer’s model range, Korean culture was proliferating around the world with the K-Pop wave and the song “Gangnam Style.” Korean architecture was advancing significantly. Schreyer says that their designs were inspired by Korea’s modern art and architecture, and adds: “For designers, it is important to not only look at cars, but to be interested in architecture and the arts.”

Change begins with KIA Optima
The 2010 KIA Optima is one of the first KIA models to be designed under the direction of Peter Schreyer, and seen as the catalyst for the recent design-oriented transformation of the brand. As well as offering new technologies and experiences to automobile enthusiasts, Optima’s design added depth to KIA’s model line-up and fundamentally changed the way people saw the KIA brand in markets around the world. 

KIA Soul makes the difference
Peter Schreyer’s favorite designs from recent years include the Soul, which has changed the brand with its innovative features, and the new Optima Sportswagon which will be offered on sale across Europe later this year.

Another striking product of Peter Schreyer’s vision is the Kia GT Concept which debuted at the 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show. Schreyer indicates the GT Concept as his favorite among all of his designs, and adds: “I must admit that there is one that stands out a little bit among all of the concepts I’ve designed. The ‘GT Concept’ was a dream project for me, and with our designers we got the chance to make a real GT, a car where you can travel in style.”
“What really excites me is how fast KIA is evolving,” says Schreyer and adds that design would continue to play the leading role in the brand’s future success.