Of the fastest growing brands in the global automotive industry, KIA continues its rise in 2016 subsequent to its successful growth in 2015. With a significant increase compared to the same period of the previous year, KIA’s total sales reached 1,201,936 vehicles in the first five months of 2016.  

KIA boasts a consistent growth performance in the Turkish market as in the global markets. While the Turkish automotive market grew by 26% in 2015, KIA performed a remarkable growth of 38%. Maintaining its growth trend, the all-new Cerato stands to highly contribute to KIA’s 2016 success. 

KIA Turkey’s target for its sedan, Cerato, is to sell 5,000 vehicles in the first six months, and at least 10,000 vehicles in 2017. Cerato is one of KIA’s most successful models with more than 3 million vehicles sold worldwide since 2004. 

The upgraded Cerato combines a 4-door body with a host of next-generation features. Both the interior and the exterior of the vehicle have been redesigned, and a range of new technologies were developed to enhance safety, comfort, and driving pleasure.

Modern design
The all-new Cerato stands out with a new design which mirrors its dynamic and robust structure. KIA designers have bridged the past and the present in the next-generation Cerato. While Cerato’s iconic low-profile coupe-like ceiling, stylish silhouette and cab-over-engine design are maintained in the upgraded version,

KIA’s signature “tiger-nose” grille is sharpened with a glossy black touch. Headlights, bumbers, foglamps and the bonnet are all refreshed. The redesigned lines extend further toward the rear area, and the rear bumber and rear lamps were redesigned. 

The sportive look of the new Cerato offers a spacious cabin to drivers. With a 2,700 mm wheelbase, the new Cerato is 1,780 mm wide, 1,445 mm high and 4,560 mm long. 

Premium atmosphere
A range of novelties in the interior of the new Cerato create a more premium atmosphere. All new materials are used in the display panel, the door panels, the B-pillar, and the console door. A 4.3” color display panel lets drivers to easily manage the audio system while enjoying the music. Chrome door handles and new heated seats are additional features that enhance the comfort inside the cabin. The spacious body allows for plenty of stowage areas. 

While the new Cerato comes with a sunroof, the metallic contours on the air vents add a modern touch. The gear stick is redesigned with a high-quality look and feel. 

The rear-view camera added to provide an easier drive with more safety stands out as a significant feature of the new Cerato. The panoramic sunroof adds an appealing look to the design and enhances the pleasure of driving. 

Advanced intuitive technologies are included in the new Cerato’s basic features. Front and rear parking sensors make parking easier.

Different levels of driving modes 
The novelties added to the new Cerato include different driving modes. Drivers can now choose one of the three driving modes while cruising. Named as th variable driving mode, the system offers three levels—”Normal,” “Sport,” and Comfort.” Offered only with automatic transmissions, the system is designed to enhance driver interaction.

The diesel version of the new Cerato also comes with appealing features. The 1.6-liter turbo-diesel engine provides 139ps and 300Nm torque and can accelerate from standtill to 100 kph in 10.8 seconds. The common rail direct fuel injection (CRDi) Cerato engine minimize CO2 output and maximize fuel efficiency. 

The new Cerato also comes with a choice of the 130ps 1.6-liter Gamma engine. Casting aluminum block and caps allow both engines to be lightweight. The engine’s multi-point injection system helps to reduce emission levels and increase efficiency.

The efficient seven-speed dual-clutch transmission was designed to control the high torque level of the 1.6-liter CRDi engine to provide seamless gear changes.

All at attractive prices
While the new Cerato is introduced on the market at attractive prices starting from 64,900 TRL, the 1.6-liter diesel DCT Concept Plus version is offered at a special launch price of 83,900 TRL. Standing to become the leadin vehicle in the C-segment with its modern design, innovative technologies and competitive prices, the new Cerato awaits automobile enthusiasts at authorized KIA dealers.