Having raised its global brand recognition to the top ranks, KIA marks its name in campaigns that both contribute to this rise and strengthen its ties with automobile enthusiasts. Setting out with a strategy to offer new experiences to consumers and to create anticipation, KIA expresses its high-standard vision through new commercials featuring celebrities.

In the new series of commercials "If I Want," Tuba Ünsal, Ayhan Sicimoğlu, Erdil Yaşaroğlu, and Zeynep Tosun, each a respectable celebrity in their respective fields, each share with the audience their world-views through four different KIA models. All four commercials express the innovative approach of KIA, sharing the message “If I Want” and “My time, my standards.” The commercials are shared on social media under the hashtag #benistersem.

Each shaped by the lifestyle and perspective of the respective celebrity, the four commercials jointly express the need to live by the standards of the time. The harmony between the featured celebrity and the KIA car in each of the commercials is a natural outcome of this vision.  

“I remain all-new If I want”
Driving the KIA Sportage in the commercial, Tuba Ünsal comments: “Which age are we living in?... Today pausing means aging! If I want, I can remain all-new. Because this is my time, my standards.” 

Appearing with the KIA Sorento, Ayhan Sicimoğlu addresses the audience with the words: “Yesterday and today are not the same day, or the same time; then why should we remain the same? If I want, I can live each day differently... Because this is my time, my standards.” 

Cartoonist Erdil Yaşaroğlu features with KIA cee’d. In his message Yaşaroğlu says: “Why stick to the old when you can voice new stories? Nobody can if you don’t stop yourself... Because this is your time, your standards.” 

Fashion designer Zeynep Tosun expresses her message as ambitiously as KIA Soul’s iconic design: “Trends and fashions... Do you still follow them? Now is the time ‘for you to show the way’, because this is your time!” 

Shaping its models, equipment, and offers through a next-generation perspective, KIA combines the joy of life and the joy of driving, inviting consumers to be part of the “If I Want” trend.
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