KIA has accelerated its activities for developing advanced driver-assistance systems that will enable autonomous driving. Sub-branding these innovative technologies under the name of “DRIVE WISE,” KIA continues its efforts for developing the technologies of the future. KIA recently announced plans to introduce partially-autonomous cars by 2020, and aims to bring its first fully-autonomous vehicles to market by 2030. KIA’s investments in the DRIVE WISE sub-brand will total to US$2 billion by 2018. 

While continuing its R&D, KIA introduced its DRIVE WISE technologies to automobile enthusiasts at the 86th Geneva International Motor Show held on 3-13 March 2016. Visitors found the opportunity to view a range of new technologies that KIA will offer over the next 15 years.

Engineered to improve the in-car safety of drivers, DRIVE WISE technologies will also make driving easier. With the ability to foresee the road conditions and potential threats on the road, these technologies will enable drivers to enjoy a delightful trip. 

KIA’s DRIVE WISE technologies include Highway Autonomous Driving, Urban Autonomous Driving, Preceding Vehicle Following, Emergency Stop System, Traffic Jam Assist, and Autonomous Valet Parking.

  • Highway Autonomous Driving uses a combination of radar and camera detection systems to interpret lane markings. The system allows the vehicle to stay in its lane, or switch into others to overtake other vehicles, or follow a different road; all without driver input.
  • Urban Autonomous Driving uses GPS and sensors to identify the vehicle’s position on the road, allowing it to safely navigate through densely-congested city environments. The system also responds to live traffic updates.
  • Preceding Vehicle Following monitors the car in front and allows the vehicle to calculate its own path relative to it, following at a safe distance. 
  • Emergency Stop System operates with KIA’s Driver Status Monitoring system to analyze the driver’s face, ensuring their attention does not stray from the road for too long. If the system detects that the driver takes their eyes from the road for too long, it can automatically direct the car into an appropriate side lane and come to a halt.
  • Traffic Jam Assist monitors the vehicle in front and maintaining a safe distance during congested traffic conditions. The system can move the vehicle into appropriate spaces to gain ground.
  • Autonomous Valet Parking can be activated using the smart key or a smartwatch after drivers to exit the vehicle. The system enables the vehicle park itself remotely. 

Please use the below link to see DRIVE WISE in action: