The much-anticipated New KIA Sportage takes to the roads with a new design, advanced technologies, and outstanding technical features. The new fourth-generation of KIA’s worldwide popular compact SUV, the Sportage, has been introduced to automobile enthusiasts. The best-selling KIA car in Turkey, the Sportage offers a host of novelties that provide distinguished experiences to drivers.

The star of the SUV market attracts attention with its innovative and sophisticated features, ever-more increasing its popularity. The New Sportage offers drivers in-car features, high-quality materials, technologies that enhance comfort, convenience and safety. Further, improvements in handling and grip, engine and transmission technologies, all add to the outstanding efficiency and performance of the vehicle.

Sportage enthusiasts now have a new “GT Line” option in the fourth-generation New Sportage. This new feature is designed for customers who anticipate a more sportive driving experience with Sportage. 

One of the key players in KIA’s recent success of continued growth, Sportage is the brand’s flagship accounting for more than one-fourths of its European sales and continues to strengthen its position as a market leader. 

A bold new design 
The new KIA Sportage has a sportive, energetic, and bold new look. The vehicle is designed by a global team from different countries under the direction of the Frankfurt design studio. The greatest design changes are made to the front of the New Sportage. The “tiger nose” radiator grill and the headlight now stand further apart. The headlights are elevated and extend towards the rear of the distinctive bonnet. The low-profile of the radiator grill now adds more volume to the lower front of the New Sportage. All these new features contribute for a more impressive and robust look. 

The new exterior of the GT Line versions is, inspired by the high-performance cee’d GT, redesigned with "ice cube" LED fog lights and small aluminum-look skid plates. 

Inspired by the muscular structure of a sprinter
While maintaining its previous profile, the New Sportage boasts a 30-mm longer wheelbase, and 40-mm longer vehicle length. Its distinctive lines and seamless surface add a more dynamic look to the New Sportage. The vehicle’s silhouette slims from the top of the roofline towards the rear area. In this intricate design KIA designers were inspired by the muscular structure of a sprinter taking off from the starting block. 

The horizontal forms on the rear of the vehicle were inspired by 2013 KIA Provo’s concept which contribute a more robust look to the compact SUV. While slim, combined rear lights unite with the trim extending across the rear, indicators and reversing lights are designed individually to add a visual emphasis to the lower part. The New KIA Sportage GT Line also has a dual exhaust pipe and metal-look base diffuser for a more sportive look.

The most aerodynamic Sportage version ever with its attractive new design, drifting range is reduced from 0.35 Cd to 0.33 Cd with the reprofiled inner plate and the redesigned bumper. While the New Sportage comes with 17-inch aluminum alloy wheel design, a unique 19-inch aluminum alloy wheel option is offered as standard in the GT Line. 

High-quality new cabin
The interior of the New Sportage has been revamped. The roomy and driver-oriented control panel is given more emphasis. The new cabin offers a deluxe ambiance with high-quality soft cloth and leather upholstery. The modern and elegant features of the interior also provide high-level of insulation to minimize exterior noise levels. 

In the new interior, redesigned with an emphasis on its roomy and sportive characteristics, the front panel groups “indicators” and “controls” in two separate clusters. The indicator cluster has the driver indicator panel and a 7-inch indicator-screen on the center console. The touch display of the infotainment and navigation system help drivers to conveniently view all data. 

The two-sectioned interior enables choosing different colors for interior trimming. Customers can choose from one-tone (black) or two-tone (light gray or black) color patterns. Consumers who prefer the GT Line can enjoy a more sportive interior with the D-shaped steering wheel, high-quality piano black finish and aluminum alloy pedals. 

Improved passenger comfort
The wider interior and exterior dimensions of the New Sportage provide more comfort to passengers. This extra space is used for the convenience of all passengers. As a major change in the dimensions of the New Sportage, the wheelbase is extended by 30 mm, to 1,670 mm, to allow more space in the cabin. Now the vehicle has a length of 4,480 mm, which is 40 mm longer than its previous version. While the front bonnet is extended to 910 mm, the rear is shortened to 900 mm. The vehicle’s height and width remain the same. 

The seats are redesigned to allow more legroom to the driver. The driver seat can be heated at three levels, and power-adjusted in 10 ways including lumbar support. Likewise, passenger seats are redesigned. Front and rear passenger seats are now more lightweight and more durable. New features are added to the back row to provide more natural and comfortable seating.

The reclining back seats of the New Sportage are now wider. Passengers can choose from 7 positions ranging from 23- to 27-degrees. The seat reclining handle located on the upper section is now placed under the seat. Back row passengers can choose from the two-level seat heating on cold mornings.

More spacious stowage areas
The front and rear viewing ranges are improved. Without blocking the driver’s rear view, wing mirrors are now placed lower on the door. The wider dimensions of the new body mean that the cargo bay of the fourth-generation Sportage has increased from 465 liters to 503 liters. While the 2x elevated cargo bay floor allows to easily place longer items, the items stowed in the bay are hidden behind the tailgate. The New Sportage also has a first-in-class under-floor board that provides even more stowage space. Albeit not wider than its previous version, the cargo bay of the New Sportage is 35 mm wider as a result of its rearranged rear area. The upper border of the rear bumper is lowered to reduce the lifting range when placing heavy items.

Distinctive sound insulation
The New Sportage stands out in its class with a significant reduction of the cabin noise compared to its rivals. In idle mode, cabin noise is reduced to 37 dB in gasoline engines and to 44 dB in diesel engines. Roadway noise levels are improved in the New Sportage with sound insulating material used on the wheel arches and the new cushion rings adapted onto the rear suspension for isolating the sound at its source. Wind noise is reduced with a thicker windshield, as well as with new double joints used in the panoramic sunroof cover, and extra sound insulation on the doors.

Vibration levels are reduced at all points. This makes the New Sportage the highest-quality and most comfortable cabin among its rivals. This comfort is achieved through improvements to the vehicle floor, the additional absorbing connections in the mechanic structure, and the enhancement to the seating design. More rigid alloy wheel rims also have helped to reduce unwanted vibration in the interior.

Safest Sportage ever
The New Sportage provides safety systems built on KIA’s high precision and standards in passenger and pedestrian safety. The New Sportage has been awarded the maximum five-star crash safety rating by Euro NCAP in the latest round of safety testing. 

The vehicle’s bodyshell design is significantly reinforced with high-strength steel. Torsional rigidity is improved by 39%. The bodyshell is made of 51% AHSS (steel). The amount of hot rolled steel is increased to give more rigidity to the bodyshell. The New Sportage has even more airbags. In addition to the side airbags for the driver and the front seat passenger, there are curtain airbags in the first and second rows. ISOFIX child-seat anchor points come as standard in the second row to safely secure younger passengers.

Pedestrian safety has also been improved. The bonnet and the front bumper is lowered to help protect pedestrians in the event of a collision. Uses of high-absorbent safety foam and synthetic rubber are increased to create a wider shock-absorbing area. Further, a range of active safety systems are deployed for reducing the probability of pedestrian collision. 

The New Sportage has demonstrated a powerful performance in the “Safety Assist” category, one of the most important scorings in the Euro NCAP rankings. The vehicle balance management system, electronic stability control, and careful management of the electro-power steering system can help for greater consistency when braking or cornering. Both systems are activated as soon as sensors detect a loss of traction to ensure safety and help the driver remain safely in control of their vehicle.

The safety technologies of the New Sportage include: 

  • Autonomous Emergency Braking—a camera and radar detection system to detect, prevent or reduce the impact of a potential collision with another vehicle or pedestrian.
  • Lane Departure Warning System—audibly warns the driver when the vehicle strays from the chosen lane without using indicators. 
  • Lane Keeping Assist System—detects the vehicle's position in relation to lane markings and takes automatic corrective action if it senses the car starting to draft without the use of indicators.
  • High Beam Assist—automatically adjusts headlamp range according to other vehicles and road conditions.
  • Lane Changing Assist—detects the vehicle’s blind spot area. The system monitors the rear blind spot area up to 70 meters while cruising and alerts the driver with a visual warning in the rear-view mirror when another car enters the driver's blind spot.
  • Rear Cross Traffic Alert—warns against other cars’ position behind the vehicle in car parks while reversing. 

High-quality and agile cruising
Throughout the development phase of the New Sportage, engineers have scrutinized the comfort, consistency and responsiveness of the vehicle while driving. The new version embodies improvements in all of these functions.

While a fully-independent front suspension was designed building on the previous version, the new bodyshell was altered in a number of ways to achieve the best result. High advancements are accomplished in driving quality. These include revised cushion rings that support natural responses to the changing terrain and rigid wheel bearings. The steering transmission is positioned further to the front on the wheel axle to allow for softer steering control. 

The rear suspension of the 2-wheel drive New Sportage version now has a dual lower-bar multi-port suspension for an independent and more rigid traverse to prevent unwanted roadway noise inside the cabin. Specially calibrated shock absorbers now have extended reactive impact to eliminate minor vibrations on rough terrain, the rear axle has been mounted on cushion rings to enhance the vehicle’s GTS performance. Minor alterations to the suspension geometry let the more rigid wheel bearings and side cushion rings to send the traction force outwards, allowing for direct utilization.

While the 40-mm extension of the wheelbase length and the improvements to the suspension allow the New Sportage to provide superior damping on rough terrains, reduced outward traction and enhanced driving responses provide a more pleasant drive.

The New Sportage further has a higher braking performance. Its redesigned calipers and new brake lining return springs reduce dragging. With larger brake discs, the New Sportage has an improved stopping force.

Revisions made to the suspension and steering systems provide more consistent driving and higher grip. The front wheel traction and four-wheel drive versions of Sportage are offered with electronic driver assist systems. 

Wireless telephone charger and navigation system
The new features of the New Sportage make this version the most-modern, innovative and high-tech vehicle in its class. KIA’s latest audio-visual navigation system creates a contemporary look in the center of the front panel. Users can select a range of specifications from the infotainment and satellite navigation systems that support the 7-inch touchscreen with DAB digital radio technology. The 7-inch touchscreen infotainment system comes with a 6-speaker, 160-watt audio system. 

The New Sportage offers a first-time ever in the C-SUV segment with its new wireless charging system for supported mobile devices. The charger dock lets users to neatly charge their phones without needing any cables. With one USB port in the front and one optional port in the rear, Sportage allows all passengers to charge their phones on the go.

Other features of the New Sportage include: rear-view camera, smart tailgate, and dynamic bending headlights for better visibility in the dark. When the vehicle key approaches the outer door handle by 1.3 to 1.7 meters, the “welcome” system activates the lights in the interior and on the door handles, and opens the mirrors for improved convenience.

1.6-Liter T-GDI and improved 2.0-liter turbo-diesel engines
All engines in the New Sportage are designed in compliance with the Euro 6 emission standard. The New Sportage offers a wide range of gasoline and diesel engine choices. The new 1.6-liter T-GDI turbocharged gasoline engine with direct injection appeals to customers who seek a sportive experience. The new GT Line feature of New Sportage offers a more dynamic driving performance together with higher fuel efficiency. 

The gasoline engine range includes a 1.6-liter GDI engine and KIA’s latest 1.6-liter T-GDI power unit. The GDI uses the 132ps and 160.8 Nm engine of the third-generation Sportage. With improved aerodynamic efficiency, the engine promises low emission levels and low fuel consumption.

The 1.6-liter T-GDI engine has been built on the unit used in KIA cee’d GT and pro_cee’d GT. The result is an exciting engine performance. Only available with the New Sportage GT Line version, the 1.6-liter T-GDI engine offers a range of improvements for higher accelerating response, higher fuel efficiency, and shorter engine torque build-up time. The 177 ps T-GDI engine (1,500-4,500 rpm and 265 Nm torque at peak) uses an electronic discharge cap and a new single-belt turbocharger that provide quick engine response during acceleration as well as more economic outcomes.

Taking efficiency to the next level, the 1.6-liter T-GDI engine stands out with its new high-power ignition coil, high-speed suction intakes, low-friction timing chain, and compression ratio up to a high 10.0:0.

Standing to mark its name to the 2016 automobile market, the KIA New Sportage awaits its customers at all sales points.