Rental car market’s innovative brand operating as part of Çelik Motor, Garenta has entered 2017 at full speed. Providing 24/7 support with a customer-oriented service approach, Garenta’s daily car rental brand GarentaDAY initiated a branching operation. Opening a branch office also in Eskişehir -- one of Turkey’s leading industrial centers and most populated cities by students, GarentaDAY aims to provide service closer to its customers.

Sharing his remarks on the subject, Çelik Motor General Manager Özgür Maraş mentioned their intention to increase the number of Garenta branch offices in 2017. Emphasizing their special attention to city branches, Maraş maintained that GarentaDAY would perpetuate its growth through corporate branch offices that entirely belong to the company.

Established in December, GarentaDAY Eskişehir Branch Office will be operating at: Hoşnudiye Neighbourhood, Başak Street, 1/A – Tepebaşı. Meeting short-term car rental needs of its customers through its GarentaDAY brand, Garenta stands out with its low mileage cars and dynamic pricing structure. The company website was designed according to customer expectations, speeding up the rental experience of customers. Increasing the total number of its branch offices upto 17, Garenta serves its customers with easily accessible airport and city branch offices.

Garenta lets you tour around the old houses in Odunpazarı, visit the Anatolian University Museum of Cartoon Art and the Wax Museum, drink tea near Porsuk River and enjoy the famous tastes of Chebureki and Water Muhallebi in Eskişehir.