Car rental market’s innovative brand operating as part of Çelik Motor, Garenta was the main sponsor of the Interactive Marketing Summit (IMS) held on October 26 in Bursa by Marketing Turkey and Marketing Management Institute. At the summit, GarentaDAY Sales Director Yutkun Tok evaluated the “Sharing economy and car rental sector” which is now a trending topic in Turkey and the world. Garenta will apply a 5% discount exclusive for long term car rentals in Bursa in November within the scope of the IMS.

Drawing attention to the importance of lowering costs and economizing for all enterprises regardless of their scales, Yutkun Tok emphasized that Garenta is working to reduce their burden. “Global trends are now challenging the business models. Buying cars is among the questioned practices. Because buying a car is a confusing process that requires time and concentration from the very first stage of research. Payment plan is another issue that needs to be properly managed. It also requires dealing with other processes such as damage, personnel and maintenance following the purchase. And you put in effort to sell the car when the time comes. Garenta meets its customers’ all car rental needs at much better costs so that they wouldn’t have to deal with all these troublesome processes,” stated Tok.
“The new trend in the world is hourly car rental”
Garenta’s long-term car rental brand GarentaPRO is, as highlighted by GarentaDAY Sales Director Yutkun Tok, remarkable with its low costs and trustworthiness for individual rentals in addition to its corporate customers. He also added that customers who experience the advantage of renting a car want to benefit from this facilitating service again.
Tok underlined that the generation “Y” in Europe and America increasingly prefers the renting system and maintained: “Hourly car rental is becoming widespread trend all across the world. Individuals benefit various renting methods depending on the needed duration of a car. Garenta is preparing to add hourly renting service under the ‘GarentaMOOV’ brand along with its short and long term renting services. We will provide a service through which our customers will be able to rent a car only for the needed period of time. Both individuals and corporations will be able to benefit from GarentoMOOV.”

Within the scope of the summit, Garenta will offer a special campaign for those who need a long term car rental in Bursa. Bursa residents who rent a long term car for the first time on website until mid-November will be able to benefit from a 5 percent discount by entering “fırsatbursada” code without spaces.

Garenta makes life easier
With its branch offices at 16 locations including Bursa, GarentaDAY brings car rental experience together with the new generation service approach. Garenta’s long-term car rental brand GarentaPRO provides solutions for individual needs as well as for corporate companies and serves for a wide customer profile.

GarentaPRO makes life easier for its customers with Turkey’s first online renting system. Providing long-term car rentals for new companies and individuals and payment by multiple credit cards in 9 installments, GarentaPRO attaches great importance to its customers’ cost items with reasonable payment terms.